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QSM Grants 


Cindy Anderson



Ginger Jordan



Kim Alford  
Kayla Hopkins
Martha Knippers Sarah Little  
Carolyn Martin Catherine Rankin

   $750 $1,000  
$1,000 $1,000 $1,000  


Mary Jo Wright



Rebecca Lofton



Ramona White



Becky Loupe  
Gary Craig

   $750 $750

1999 LACUE Lesson Plan Winners

1st Place - Secondary Unit Plan - $200.00
Kayla Hopkins, Many High - "Power Point Photo Chemistry"
1st Place - Middle School Lesson Plan - $100.00  
Addie Taylor, Many High - "Louisiana History"
3rd Place - Elementary    Unit Plan
Debra Lee, Many Elementary - "North American Indians"

 Teacher Sub Grants

Ginger Jordan, Florien High - $3,000.00 -  Learn and Serve grant for the PAWS program
Carolyn Martin, Many High - $1,000.00 LA LEARN Subgrant
Kayla Hopkins, Many High - $1,000.00 - LA LEARN Subgrant

1998-1999 Grants

Grant Awards
Instructional Enhancement Through Arts
Program Grant
- Debbie Lee FHS

Quality Science and Math Grants

Many High
Pleasant Hill
Many Junior High

Teachers attend
TEL-ED '98


Grant Resources for Schools and Teachers

Converse School Awarded Two Incentive Grants

Converse School has been chosen as a recipient of two Incentive Grants in the amount of $4000.00 and $2000.00, respectively, by Red River Partners at Work to aid the school in further developing Schools-to-Work objectives.  The grants were solicited on a competitive basis in a ten-parish area and are aimed at producing change in certain areas including alternative scheduling, career exploration, and school-based enterprises.
The two grants were written by CHS English instructor Shirley Rivers in the hopes of integrating solid school-to-work programs into the school’s already successful block scheduling. The school currently operates a “Shirt Shop” as a school-based enterprise. The $4000.00 Incentive Grant will help to expand the shirt shop by purchasing needed supplies and equipment. Additionally, the $2000.00 grant will enhance career exploration activities for middle school students at CHS.

8G Statewide Distributive Learning Network -Louisiana Virtual Classroom Pilot Project for Web-based Course Development Grant Awarded to Martha Knippers and Catherine Rankin.  The Many High teachers are two of only thirteen Louisiana teachers chosen for the grant.  The courses listed below will be available to students in the recipient's district .  Based on 20 students per online course, 40 Sabine students will have an option to participate in the classes.  Catherine Rankin is presently conducting the first Louisiana asynchronous online (Computer Science I) course to five Sabine schools.  She is a member of the State Steering Committee that is developing distance learning standards. Her knowledge and experience contributed to the state's development of the grant.  The recipients of the grant will work toward a distance learning certification offered by UCLA.  Ms. Rankin completes the four course certification this semester.

Catherine and Martha are each experienced and innovative in application of a variety of technologies in their classrooms.  Ms. Knippers developed and conducted workshops for implementing MS Excel spreadsheet grade book.  She is also working on a lesson plan database.

Teacher Course
Martha Knippers World History
Catherine Rankin Computer Science I
Jewel J Reuter Exploration and Analysis of Environmental Issues
Archdioceses of NO
Lynda Keller Conceptual Physics
Ellen Lee Algebra I
Baton Rouge
Rebecca Runnels Latin I
Baton Rouge
Linda Wygoda Chemistry
Sandra Evans Fine Arts Survey
East Baton Rouge
Linda Gleason Discrete Mathematics
Begona Perez Mira Spanish I
Teresa Canganelli Spanish II
Charles Stephens Calculus AP
St. Charles
Doug DeVillier Survey of American Literature


Converse, Many High, and Negreet Schools Awarded Red River Partners At Work Grants

1998-99 QSM Grant Recipients

Many High Carolyn Martin Science $999.00
Many High Kayla Hopkins Science $1000.00
Many High Martha Knippers Math $1000.00
Many High Sarah Little Science $1000.00
Many High Catherine Rankin Math $1000.00
Pleasant Hill Rebecca Lofton Math $294.05
Pleasant Hill Jackie Shuford Math $733.10
Pleasant Hill Lola Smith Math $973.79
Negreet Christine Tarpley Science $1000.00
Many Junior High Rick West Science $749.05

Instructional Enhancement Through Arts Program Grant

Florien High Debbie Lee Louisiana History $2035.00

 1998-99 LACUE AWARD

Many Elementary Cerrie Montgomery LACUE $100.00

1997-98 QSM Award Recipients

Ebarb Eva Montgomery Math $749.30
Many High Kayla Hopkins Science $1,000.00
Many High Catherine Rankin Math $1,000.00
Many High Sarah Little Science $1,000.00
Many Elementary Debra Lee Science $500.00
Zwolle Elementary Brenda Salley Math $494.42
Zwolle Elementary Trecia Jean Ingram Science $500.00

1997-98 Louisiana LEARN Teacher Subgrants

Negreet Sherry Salter  Science $999.95
Negreet Jeanette Miller Science, Math, Geography $995.15
Ebarb April Giddens Hands-on Technology $999.76
Many High Kayla Hopkins Integrating Math/Science $1,000.00
Many High Byron Pearson and
Carolyn Martin
Science $1,000.00

1997-98 South Central Bell Mini Grant

Converse Mary Sue Patrick Cooking Made Simple $400.00

1996-97 Quality Science and Math Award Recipients - Region 6

Subject Name School Funded
Science Dewil, Shawn Jessup Florien Elementary $500.00
Science Hopkins, Kayla Many High School $1000.00
Science Lee, Debra Many Elementary $500.00
Science Little, Sarah Many High School $1000.00
Science Martin, Carolyn Many High School $1000.00
Math Rankin, Catherine Many High School $995.00
Math White, Ramona Zwolle High School $899.50
Math Womack, Dina Zwolle High School $974.00

Teachers receiving a Quality in Science and Mathematics Equipping Fund (QSM) grant to purchase equipment for teaching hands-on science or math.