Sabine Connection
November 9-11, 2000


Front Row:  Linda Ebarb, ZIS; Mary Anne Russell, Judy Armour, ZES; Judy Rials, ZES, Vicki Testa, ZES.

Second Row:  Ross Williams, Debra Lee, MES; Carrie Woodard, ZES; Sheryl Wilson, ZES; Henrietta Perry, ZES, Amy Haire; and Melanie Morgan, PHHS. 

Catherine Rankin and Martha Knippers, MHS

Ron Williams assisted in setting up each Sabine presentation.  

Conference Logo (pictured above) created by Ross Williams


Pre-conference Workshops

Teacher and Administrative Intranet: A System to Support Exchange of Information-Form, Guides, Tutorials, State Reports, Calendar, Inventory, & Messages -Ross Williams, Ranay Nett

Setting Up and Managing an NT Network - Rocky Perritt, Rodney Harrison, Ron Williams

Building Instructional Web Sites--More Options and Activities - Mary Anne Russell, Dr. Karen McFerrin, Cherry McNease


Concurrent Sessions 

Going Wild With Computers    Debra Lee   Many Elementary School --- Web page  This presentation will showcase ideas and samples of thematic jungle activities to integrate computers daily as part of a normal lesson. Activities include writing, research, weather, charts & graphs, and reading. Applicable for one computer or multicomputer classrooms and any major theme.

Web Resources for LEAP 21--Making your Homepage a Resource for Teachers and Students   Amy Haire -- Schools and students face challenging new goals of state accountability for student achievement on LEAP 21 / Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Create a dynamic LEAP 21 / Iowa web-based resource for administrators, teachers, and students. This resource will help teachers develop the depth of under-standing required to better understand the relationship of the alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

The Virtual Classroom: Asynchronous Online Instruction   Martha Knippers and  Catherine Rankin Many High School -- The advantages and disadvantages of online courses delivered in an asynchronous mode will be discussed by two teachers participating in Louisiana’s Virtual Classroom Project. Specific features and characteristics of a virtual classroom will be considered.

Publishing with Style: A Collaborative Effort   Melanie Morgan  Pleasant Hill High School --  This project describes how student materials can be published using word processing software. Students in elementary and junior high classrooms created text-based materials that were then published by a high school desktop publishing class. This can be a collaborative  effort between any grade levels with various subjects. All participants benefit from seeing class work published in a professional manner.

Debra  won the Compaq notebook computer at the Saturday Luncheon! 

Rick Tison, Debra Lee, Bill Morrison