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1999-2000 Teacher of the Year

Thirteen Sabine Teachers receive QSM Grants - $11,095

Converse, Many High, and Negreet Schools Awarded Red River Partners At Work Grants

Grants Awarded Teachers and District

Sabine Awarded $10,000 BellSouth "Power to Lead" Grant
"Power to Teach" Grant Announced - Sabine Parish Awarded $144,924 

Students of the Year 
Students Receive State Yes I Can Awards

Division V State - Golf Tournament 

Board Approves Negreet School Final Certificate of Substantial Completion - The Sabine Parish School Board met March 16, in a special called meeting at Negreet school to approve the completion of the new school facility.  View photos

Advanced Placement Incentive Program

QSM Grant Web - The Quality Science and Math Web provides information about the QSM Grant.  The 2000 QSM grant available as a MS Word template.  Open and save - QSM Cover and QSM Application.


LaSIP Info: Students and Teachers Excelling in Mathematics, STEM will form a collaborative partnership between educators in Sabine Parish and DeSoto Parish along with Northwestern's LEAP into DEEP. Sabine Parish and Northwestern will cost share with two separate allocations of funding through LaSIP of $60,000 and $70,000 respectively, with ten teachers each attending from Sabine Parish, DeSoto Parish, and Vernon Parish. The focus of the project will be to actively involve stakeholders in professional development that will directly impact student success in life and high stakes testing.

Advanced Placement Incentive Program

Louisiana's Statewide Distributive Learning Network (SDLN) is expanding  its efforts to improve student achievement. The SDLN has received a  three-year U. S. Department of Education Advanced Placement Incentive  Proposal (APIP) award in the amount of $458,500. The purpose of this grant is to provide students access to Advanced Placement Courses via the  Internet. The grant will pay tuition costs for approximately 160  low-income students to take AP on-line courses. On-line advanced placement  courses are taught by an experienced and qualified AP teacher, using  College Board AP curriculum. The school provides the student with online  access and provides an adult facilitator to monitor the student's progress  in the course.

Additionally, the grant will pay for AP exam fees for approximately 500 low-income students. In order for a student to qualify, he or she must:
(1) qualify to receive either free or reduced lunch or (2) attend a school that is considered School-wide Title I. Applications will only be accepted for schools with students who meet either of these criteria.

Procedures for Participation:

1. Submit a completed Application for Funding  to the Louisiana Center for Educational Technology by July 31, 2000.  Approved expenses include student on-line course fees and $55 toward the AP Exam fee (Low income students should receive a fee reduction of $22 from the College Board. The total cost of an AP exam is $77.).
2. Schools will receive an award letter notifying them of their eligibility status and award amount.
3. Schools must register students for all on-line courses. It is the school's responsibility to make sure that selected on-line courses follow the Louisiana Standards for Distance Education. A copy of the standards can be downloaded from the Department of Education's website,, in the technology section. The contact information for one company that offers Advanced Placement on-line courses is  included, you are not obligated to use this company.  APEX Learning - Contact: Victor Castellanos, Regional Education  Coordinator