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Sabine Parish School Board - Louisiana



Sabine Reading Council Anthology Receives Top State Award for 2002

The award winning Anthology is a compilation of Sabine Young Authors winners of district and state writing contest.  Mary Anne Russell, Young Authors chair person, and Jennifer Helms organized and published the Anthology.  School libraries and students placing in the Young Authors competition received a copy of the Anthology. 


Sabine Schools Recognized for Academic Growth

Converse, Ebarb, and Zwolle Intermediate were recognized for "Exemplary Academic Growth" and Many Junior for "Recognized Academic Growth" based on School Performance Scores. (See Photos)


LaSIP Info: Students and Teachers Excelling in Mathematics, STEM will form a collaborative partnership between educators in Sabine Parish and DeSoto Parish along with Northwestern's LEAP into DEEP. Sabine Parish and Northwestern will cost share with two separate allocations of funding through LaSIP of $60,000 and $70,000 respectively, with ten teachers each attending from Sabine Parish, DeSoto Parish, and Vernon Parish. The focus of the project will be to actively involve stakeholders in professional development that will directly impact student success in life and high stakes testing.


2007-2008 National Certified Teachers
 Paula Callender - Pleasant Hill High

 Shirley Rivers - Converse High

 Stacy Wilburn - Converse High


2006-2007 National Certified Teachers
 Nancy Dunn - Florien High

 Lana Hall - Florien High


2005-2006 National Certified Teachers
 Kim Alford - Negreet High

 Jonni Chance - Negreet High

 Kristy Strother - Florien High

 Lanea Parrie - Zwolle Elementary


2004-2005 National Certified Teacher
 Deborah Patrick - Converse High


2003-2004 National Certified Teachers

 Melanie Lafleur - Many High
 Becky Lofton
- Pleasant Hill
 Kathryn Vines
- Pleasant Hill

2002-2003 National Certified Teachers
 Sherri Lafitte - Converse High
 Debra S. Lee
- Director of C & I
 Lisa Rougeou
- Pleasant Hill
 Melissa Snelling
- Converse High


QSM Grant
 Cindy Byles - ($750)  Florien High
 Joy Williams
- ($747)  Zwolle Inter.
 Annette Gentry
- Zwolle High

Learn and Serve America Grant
 Ginger Jordan ($10,000) - Florien High
 Mary Sue Patrick
($7500) - Converse

2006-2007 Teachers of the Year

Donna Chandler Ellzey - Florien Elementary School

Tiffanie Cain Wells - Many Junior High School

Robert Manriquez - Many High School


2005-2006 Teachers of the Year

 Meloney Mitchell - Converse Elementary School

 Jaime Gilmore - Many JH School

 Cade Brumley  - Converse High School


2004-2005 Teachers of the Year

 Carol Alford - Many Elementary School

 Lori Henderson - Many JH School

 Jan Freeland  - Many High School


2003-2004 Teachers of the Year

 Kim Parker - Florien Elementary School

Sherri Laffitte - Converse Middle School

 Roma Veuleman - Negreet High School


2002-2003 Teachers of the Year

 Mary Ellen Freeman - Negreet Elementary School

 Virginia Jordan - Florien High School

 Kim Alford - Negreet High School


2001-2002 Teacher of the Year
 Rebecca Cooper - Ebarb Elementary School
 Johanna Faust
- Many Junior High School
 Lisa Rougeou
- Pleasant Hill High School

2000-2001 Teacher of the Year
 Janne Crews - Many Elementary School
 Rebecca Loupe
- Zwolle Intermediate School
 Nancy Lambert
- Many Hill High School

Support Staff of the Year
Michelle Kays - Zwolle Elementary
Liz Stephens
- Zwolle Intermediate
Douglas Williams
- Converse High

2007 Support Staff of the Year

Yvette McClanahan—Many Elementary

Wanda Harris—Many Jr. High

Diette Remedies—Ebarb High School


Sabine Awarded Grants

21st Century Grant


Sabine LA GEAR UP Schools Grant



Many High Math and Science Teachers, Carolyn Martin and Catherine Rankin were awarded a grant by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education from the Louisiana Quality Education Support Fund – 8(g) for $68,969.00.  The Project: “Math and Science Out of the Box,” funds a wireless, mobile computer lab that includes 30 laptop computers in charger carts, two network printers, projection system, microscope with computer interface, software, online web subscriptions, and data collectors with probe-ware.  The project also requires outreach for area schools through inservices for 8 math & science teachers and includes “loaner trunks” with probe-ware and lab materials.  This is the third 8(g) grant awarded to Many High.

Sabine Support Staff of the Year

Clay Corley, Many High boys basketball coach, selected Class AA Coach of the Year.  Click here to view All-State Selections for all classes.

Thirteen Sabine Teachers Awarded QSM Grants 

Teacher School


Carolyn Martin Many High $1000.00
Catherine Rankin Many High $1000.00
Annette Parker Zwolle High $996.00
Debra Lee Many Elem $499.00
Angela Rodriquez Zwolle Int $748.00
Kimberly Alford Negreet $1000.00
Kristy Strother Florien High $750.00
Andrea Possoit Converse $745.00
Debra Lee Florien High $736.00
Jacqueline Shuford Pleasant Hill $681.00
Sarah Little Many High $1000.00
Ramona White Zwolle High $1000.00
Cindy Anderson Florien High $993.00

Carolyn Gandy and Carolyn Martin, Many High Teachers  Awarded LEARN Grants 

Converse, Many High, and Negreet Schools Awarded Red River Partners At Work Grants - High Schools at Work

           Converse High awarded Red River Partners at Work Venture Grant in the amount of $2000.00, a Whole School Change Grant in the amount of $3000.00 as well as a Middle School Change Grant in the amount of $4000.00, totaling $9000.00 in grant monies to aid the school in further developing School-to-Work objectives.
            The grants were written by CHS English instructor Shirley Rivers in collaboration with business teacher Linda Richardson.  
The Whole School Change Grant in the amount of $3000.00 is awarded to schools for equipment, career exploration/investigation activities, school-based enterprises, and other related activities.  Converse was awarded $4000 to implement junior high activities, and a recipient of the Middle School Change grant based on their commitment to improve their students’ prospects for academic and career success by providing “the right intervention at the right time”.  

Many High  Business Department  received two grants from Red River Partners at Work: 1998 - $9,812.82 and 1999 - $12,000.00.  The purpose of these grants was to enable us to develop an Information Systems Career Academy at our school. The first academy students will graduate this May. 

Negreet High School receives $17,900 in grant awards for the 1999-2000 school year

$2,000 - Teacher/School Venture Grants to implement change of the Frameworks for Academic Standards (math reasoning and reading) in Grades 3-4
2,000 - Teacher/School Venture Grant for Curriculum Revision in 
2,000 - Accounting for the Business Academy Middle School Change Grant to improve use of technology in the classroom and provide career exploration/investigation activities 
3,000 - Whole School Change Grant for the expansion of the Health Care/Social Services career major, involving courses in Education for Careers and Introduction to Health Careers 
2,000 - Enhance and expand High Schools That Work best practices. 
2,500 - High Schools That Work  - staff development, career guidance & evaluation 
4,400 - West Central Tech Prep Consortium  - SREB testing, Counseling, Graphing Calculators, and Site Based Enterprise

Grant awards for 1998-1999 school year totaled $37,400

2,000 - Teacher /School Venture Grants - Career Investigation and Exploration  
2,000 - Career Options Major 
14,400 - Career Academy Development Grant 
12,000 - Business Academy Implementation 
5,000 - Site Based Enterprise Grant 
2,000 - West Central Tech Prep Consortium -TEAM manuals & Enter Here Video Series

The grants were written and implemented by business teacher/counselor Sharlee Funderburk in collaboration with Dan Salter, Principal and Negreet School faculty.


 District Receives Grants

Sabine Awarded $10,000 BellSouth "Power to Lead" Grant

"Power to Teach" Grant Announced - Sabine Parish Awarded $144,924 

Press Release and Photos

The grant proposal is based on the INTECH model. The "Power to Teach" grant will provide funding for 48 Sabine teachers to participate InTech. Surrounding this training, the district commits to videotaping of lead teachers to share with novice teachers, site-based staff meetings devoted to technology learning, and publishing student portfolios. All participating teachers must submit a minimum of four technology connected lessons. The district also conducts an annual technology confidence and attitude survey.




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