Internet Exploere 7 Banner How to disable Internet Explorer 7 Popup Blocker


Follow instructions VERY carefully.  
1. Open Internet Explorer 7
2. Right click on the "Home Icon" and if there is not a check by "Menu Bar' then click on  "Menu Bar"
3. You should now see the menu bar at the top of Internet Explorer 7, Click on Tools, Internet Options and the Internet Options Window will appear.
4. Click on the "Privacy Tab".  Remove the check from "Turn on Pop-up Blocker".
5. This should disable the pop-up blocker for Internet Explorer 7.
6. Next you will need to disable the pop-up blocker for "Google Toolbar".  Locate the Google Toolbar it will look like this:
Google Toolbar
7. Click on Settings, Options and the Google Toolbar Options window will appear.
8. Click on the More tab and remove the check from "Enable Popup Blocker".  Click Ok
9. This should fix any problems you are experiencing with Internet Explorer NOT allowing pop-ups.