Plato Learning, Inc. Sabine Parish Credit Recovery Plug-ins and Instructions


Follow instructions VERY carefully.  
1.  Verify that your are using Internet Explorer 7 or higher before installing the Plato Learning Environment plugins.  This can be verified by doing the following: (All school computers should have Internet Explorer 7 or higher installed)
     > Open Internet Explorer
     > Click on Help
     > Click on About Internet Explorer
     > Verify that you are using Internet Explorer Version 7 or higher

If you do not see Help, look on the right side of the Internet Explorer window.  There, you will see the Home Icon, Print Icon and Tools Icon.  Next to the Tools Icon there is a double headed arrow, Click the double headed arrow, click help then click About Internet Explorer.  Verify that you are using Internet Explorer Version 7 or higher
2. If your computer already has Internet Explorer 7, skip to step 3.  If you do not have Internet Explorer 7 installed on the computer, click here to download Internet Explorer 7.  When installing Internet Explorer 7 select all defaults by clicking next until you have completed the installation.  Reboot if asked to do so.
3. If Internet Explorer 7 is installed on the computer, click here to Install Adobe Flash Player.  A "File Download" window will appear, Click Run. Once Adobe Flash has completed downloading it will automatically begin installation.  You will see an Adobe Flash Player Setup window appear and a progression bar.  Once Adobe Flash Player has completed the installation process, Click Close.
4. Installing Adobe Shockwave Player.  Click here to run Adobe Shockwave Player.  A "File Download" window will appear, Click Run. Once Adobe Shockwave Player has completed downloading it will automatically begin installation.  After a few minutes, you will see a window stating "updating configuration please wait".  Once Adobe Shockwave Player completed the installation process, a window will appear stating that you have successfully installed Adobe Shockwave Player 11, Click Close.
5. Installing Adobe Authorware Player.  Click here to download Adobe Authorware Player.  This will take you to Adobe's website where you can download and install Adobe Authorware Player.  Click "Install Now" button (note:  You might have to scroll half way down the page in order to see the "Install Now" button.  You will have an Active X box appear at the top of the screen requesting permission to run.  Right Click on the box and select "Install Active X Control".  Once the "Adobe Authorware Player Installer" appears "Click Install".  You should see a progress bar appear on the screen indicating the progress of installing the necessary files.  Once the installation has finished, you will see a message appear stating that "Adobe Authorware Player successfully installed".  You can now close out of the Adobe Site.
6. You can now install the Shockwave Xtra's by clicking here.  This will take you to in order to install the necessary Shockwave files for Plato.  You will see an "Adobe Shockwave" window appear, continue clicking Install until you see a window stating "Shockwave Xtra's Installation Completed" (note:  You will have to click install approximately 5 times).  Click OK and then click "Done", click yes to close the Tab.
7. Installing the Additional Plato Plug-ins.  Click here to begin the installation of the additional plug-ins.  You will see a File Download window appear click "Run".  The file will begin to download and you will see a progress bar.  Once it has finished downloading, a security warning will appear, click Run.  A window will appear showing the progress of the installation, once the installation has completed the screen will disappear.
8. You can now create a shortcut on the desktop to the Plato Learning Experience website.  Create the shortcut by right click on the desktop, click new, shortcut.  A create shortcut window will appear.  In the "Type the location of the item box" type in "" and click next.  For the name type Plato Learning Environment and click Finish. This should complete the Plug-in Installation process.
9. Some users have experienced problems with Adobe Flash Player once they have signed into the Plato Learning Environment website.  We have discovered that this is a POPUP BLOCKER issue not a Adobe Flash Player issue.  If you experience this problem, you will need to disable the popup blockers for the website "".  Follow the instruction found at Disabling IE7 Pop-up Blocker to disable the IE7 and Google Toolbar pop-up blockers.
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