WHEREAS,                                                   The role of instructional technology has become ever more important in Louisiana and throughout the nation as Internet access, multimedia resources, and distance learning play integral roles in the process of teaching and learning; and


WHEREAS,                                                   Significant improvement has been made during the past five years in student-to-computer ratio and in Internet access in classrooms throughout Louisiana; and


WHEREAS,                                                   Even with these major improvements, about one-third of all Louisiana classrooms do not have Internet access, and many of the two-thirds of Louisiana classrooms with Internet access have only one computer for all students; and


WHEREAS,                                                   All classrooms need a sufficient number of computers with multimedia capability and Internet access to provide for effective integration of technology to support student learning; and


WHEREAS,                                                   One-hundred percent of all classroom-based technology funds are dedicated to placing technology resources directly into instructional classrooms; and


WHEREAS,                                                   The citizens of Louisiana join with the administrators of all school systems, teachers and students to encourage the state of Louisiana to provide sufficient funding to support technology, telecommun- ications and Internet access in order to accomplish the goals and objectives of the state educational technology plan, as well as district and school improvement efforts,     


NOW, THEREFORE,           I, M. J. Foster, Governor of the State of Louisiana, do hereby proclaim the week of January 27 Feb. 2, 2002, as


                                                         LOUISIANA EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY WEEK



in the State of Louisiana, and encourage all school districts to identify and implement strategies that draw attention to the important role of technology in our classrooms.