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Louisiana Children's Health Insurance Program



  • Louisiana Information Resource Center (LAPIRC) - A program of Family Resource Centers, Volunteers of America North Louisiana - Knowing that parent involvement in schools is critical to success, LAPIRC provides opportunities for families to learn, share and communicate the importance of education in their homes, schools, and communities. The LAPIRC can offer a variety of means to help the parent and the professional educator create an environment for parent involvement.  We offer a website, resource lending library, training for parent and educational professionals.  The training can be onsite or at our training center located in Alexandria at 3900 Lee Street.  For information go to the LAPIRC web or call Dena Ray at 318.992.5962


Educational Resources for Parents

  • Family Fun - If you're a parent or primary school teacher who's running out of ideas to keep cabin fever at bay, you might want to explore Family Fun magazine's Website. Full of quick activities and well-written articles, this site can help keep those active minds and bodies moving in a positive direction.
  • Your Time-Their Future - urges adults to get involved in volunteering, mentoring, and other efforts that help young girls participate in positive activities that build skills, self-discipline, and competence. Studies show that such structured activities are an effective strategy for preventing substance abuse and other high-risk behaviors. The Web site is a valuable tool for schools and school districts to encourage more interaction between students, teachers, parents, and the community.
  • Family Education Network
  • Parents Place -- The parenting resource center
  • Dear Parents
  • Schoolwork.org
  • America Goes Back to School -- Get involved
  • Center for New Discoveries in Learning -- Successful learning resource guide
  • AMC's Home Page -- For parents to locate current resource information for their children
  • Summer Home Learning Recipes -- Ideas for summer
  • Dr. King's Exam Hints -- Help your child survive exams
  • Harnessing the Power of the Web -- Harness the exciting power of the World Wide Web
  • Educational Testing Service -- Set of test preparation questions
  • Stanford Testing System -- Complete on-line test preparation experience
  • Family Internet -- Reference desk for the whole family
  • Nashville Parent Magazine -- Various topics of interest
  • National Parent Information Network -- Info clearinghouse
  • The WholeFamily Center - The WholeFamily Center is an award winning interactive site which addresses the concerns of modern families. Featuring an on-line magazine, and separate marriage, parenting and teen centers, sensitive topics like infertility, anorexia, infidelity and teen suicide are discussed. WholeFamily uses RealAudio and Drama to portray problems and solutions. Psychologists comments add authenticity to the many subjects dealt with in an honest, straight-forward way.


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