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Sabine Parish School Board Meeting Agenda - March 2, 2004

 Sabine Tuition Exemption Form for Fall 2004
DUE August 4, 2004


Sabine Valley Campus - Vocational Technical College  

Many Junior High Science Fair Guide
National Student Research Center - Mandeville Middle School - information, techniques, and examples for developing student research projects for science fairs, classroom inquiry activities, and publication.
MiddleWeb - exploring the challenges of middle school reform
Terra Server - Locate aerial photo of your home.
Dive and Discover
Exciting Facts and Information About Our Oceans - This site is a wonderful resource to learn about the many components of the living oceans. 
Seminar in Scientific Research - Adventures in super computing
Graphic Organizers -
HOT new topic for curriculum
World Population
Figure This! - Parents and Students 
The Louisiana Collection - a research collection of printed materials relating to all aspects of Louisiana history and culture from colonial times to the present.  Sponsored by Tulane University.
EvaluTech - a searchable database of curriculum related instructional materials specifically designed for kindergarten through grade 12.
Setting Standards in Our Schools
At&T - Resources for Educators
Bell South Education Site
Mr. Dowling Virtual Classroom
for Middle Schools
RELATIVITY: bookmarks
COMCAST Schoolyard Online Schoolyard - See Faculty
bullet.GIF (60 bytes) Learner Online- Math and science education programs.  A electronic media that shows concrete examples of good teaching and active learning in many different settings.
bullet.GIF (60 bytes) Tutornet - student tutor site.
bullet.GIF (60 bytes) AskERIC K12 Java Links 


School Tech: $150,000. 00

SCHOOLTech addresses school-wide improvement efforts through the effective and expanded use of instructional technology.  In particular, SCHOOLTech schools should develop instructional technology strategies that assist teachers to improve teaching practice and that increase student performance.  Additionally, SCHOOLTech schools will be served by a school-based instructional technology facilitator who will design and model effective technology-based strategies that support and enhance existing curriculum standards. SCHOOLTech  will serve as a catalyst for fundamental change in overall teaching and learning processes

21st CCLC: Five Year Grant:

Year One Funding: $475,582.00    $1,565,046.00 through 2008


The 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program is designed to provide opportunities for academic enrichment, including tutorial services to help students in grades pre-K through 12, particularly students who attend low-performing schools, to meet state and local student academic achievement standards in core academic subjects such as reading and mathematics. 21st Century Community Learning Centers offer students a broad array of additional services, programs, and activities such as youth development activities, drug and violence prevention programs, counseling programs, art, music, community service opportunities, recreation programs, and technology education programs that are designed to reinforce and complement the regular academic program of participating students. In addition, community learning centers offer opportunities for literacy and related educational development to families of participating students.

Florien Schools: Paulia Matthews, Site Coordinator

Zwolle Intermediate: Tera Lovitt, Site Coordinator

Zwolle Elementary: Connie H. Sepulvado, Site Coordinator

Many Junior High: Melissa Lee, site Coordinator



LA GEAR UP Schools Grant


Many Junior High and Zwolle Intermediate.  LA GEAR UP is a federal program that provides special incentives to low income schools, its teachers, students, and parents for the purpose of increasing the number of  students who graduate from high school and go on to enroll and succeed in college.  A number of LA GEAR UP students attended Space Camp at Northwestern State University this summer - View Camp Discovery activities


Student-Teacher Production Company


Yes I Can! Awards for 2003


Sabine Awarded FIRSTTech Grant FIRSTTech is a Framework for Inducting, Retaining and Supporting Teachers with and through technology.  The initiative is designed to support the Louisiana FIRST component of the state Teacher Assistance and Assessment Program. Sabine teachers that are participating in LATAAP will receive a notebook computer, training, and special assistance and support.

Sabine Parish Featured in US Dept of Education News Letter


Sabine Awarded BellSouth Power to Lead and Power to Teach grants.


Many High Student Asks Legislative Committee to Support Technology Funding for Classrooms


Students Enroll in Louisiana Virtual Classes


Four Sabine Principals participate in LEADTech.  LEADTech grant was developed by the State of Louisiana for Principals and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The LEADTech program will provide technology leadership opportunities for school principals. 


Many High Student Asks Legislative Committee to Support Technology Funding for Classrooms


Denelle Walker, Many High Senior, presented an impelling case and need for the Legislature to fund K-12 technology (also see Louisiana Educational Technology Week). Denelle one of seven students from across the state to appear before a joint Legislative Education Committee, January 30, explained the importance of funding classroom based technology. 

Denelle is enrolled in the Louisiana Virtual Classroom, Survey of the Arts and plans to attend LSU in the fall.  She needed the class to qualify for TOPS.

District 24 Representative, Joe Salter, met with Denelle, Martha Knippers, and Ross Williams following the committee meeting (see photo).

Many High teacher, Martha Knippers, and former teacher, Catherine Rankin, were also spotlighted in the committee meeting. They are instructors for the Louisiana Virtual Classroom.  In addition, a CD-ROM was given to legislators featuring teachers from across the state that included seven Sabine Teachers interviewed and filmed for the Louisiana Speaks about Technology Video. Click on the
name below to view video.

Governor Foster Proclaimed January 27 - February 2, 2002 Louisiana Educational Technology Week - OVERVIEW and Legislative Contacts

The Governor’s proclamation provided an opportunity to call needed attention to the important role of instructional technology in Louisiana’s classrooms.  “Technology is a necessary tool in society and in commerce,” said State Superintendent of Education Cecil J. Picard.  “Technology is a necessary tool for teaching and learning.  It builds the fourth basic skill so needed in today’s world – information literacy.” 


Students Enroll in LVC Classes


Fifty-two Sabine Parish high school students enrolled in the Louisiana Virtual High School, a web based Distance Learning (DL) program for students. Classes include World History, Computer Science, Latin, Spanish, Advanced Math, and Fine Arts Survey. See Sabine's  Distance Learning for additional information.


Ground-Breaking Ceremony for Many School Improvements and New Junior High

LACUE Overview

LEADTech - Zwolle Elementary Principal, Judy Rials, Selected to Participate in First LEADTech Cohort.   Many Junior, Negreet, and Pleasant Hill principals are enrolled. Gates foundation LEADTech grant for Principals - LEADTech was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and will provide technology leadership opportunities for district superintendents and  school principals. We are hoping you will be able to attend this meeting to  gain background information on the grant, as well as an understanding of your potential role in supporting your principals and superintendents who choose to take on this great opportunity. Developing district, school and classroom leadership-Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

LACUE Overview - Many Elementary Teacher, Wins Notebook Computer at LACUE. Fifteen Sabine teachers and administrators attended the  Conference in Alexandria, November 9-11.  Eight Sabine educators were presenters at the conference; see overview of the Sabine Connection.

The Louisiana Virtual High School is a pilot program to offer students web based Distance Learning (DL) courses during the 2000-2001 school year.   For related information and resources about Distance Learning visit Sabine's DL page.
   Thirty-five Sabine Parish high school students (Converse, Ebarb, Many High, Negreet, Pleasant Hill and Zwolle High) have enrolled in the Louisiana Virtual High School, a pilot program to offer students web based Distance Learning (DL) courses during the 2000-2001 school year.  Following guidelines developed for Sabine's distance learning pilot, designed and taught by Many High teacher, Catherine Rankin, the state will deliver thirteen asynchronous courses to students across the state.
   As the result of two Many High teachers selected to develop and deliver courses for the pilot, forty Sabine students may enroll in the distance learning classes.  Martha Knippers will be instructing World History and Catherine Rankin, Computer Science I.  Each teacher will provide instruction for twenty Louisiana high school students. 
   Forty Sabine students have taken the opportunity to enrolled in Spanish I, Spanish II, Survey of American Literature, Fine Arts Survey, Conceptual Physics, World History, Computer Science I, Chemistry, Web Mastering, and Latin.  

Zwolle Elementary and Pleasant Hill receive funding to participate in InClass

edu.pwr3 BellSouth edu.pwr3, a two-year, $10 million program of the BellSouth Foundation to help school leaders, teachers and students fully harness the power of technology for learning, awards Sabine Power to Lead and Power to Teach grants.  The Bell South "Power to Teach" Grant is a $144,924 grant to provide teacher professional development for implementing technology in the classroom. 
   BellSouth Foundation Sends Superintendent Leslie to NECC 2000 - NECC Summary.   

Sabine Featured - The May issue of Community Update, a monthly newsletter that reaches over 268,000 parents, educators, and other citizens involved in school improvement efforts across the country, features Sabine instructional  technology initiatives. Featuring "best practices" and model programs from around the nation, Community Update focuses on how communities can learn from each other as they improve their schools.  Also see archive.

American Indian Research and Development - incorporated in the state of Oklahoma in 1982 as a  private, minority, Indian  owned, women majority owned non-profit organization.  The mission of AIRD, Inc. is to "...provide educational services and  technical assistance to Local Educational Agencies, State Educational Agencies, institutions of higher education, and tribes to improve the quality of education to Indian learners... and to serve as a liaison and advocate for Indian education on the local, state, national and tribally levels in the state of Oklahoma and across the nation." 
- The Oklahoma Rural Systemic Initiative (OKRSI) is a comprehensive program designed to produce systemic reform in standards based mathematics, science and technology education.

QSM Grant - The Quality Science and Math Web provides information about the QSM Grant.  The 2000 QSM grant available as a MS Word template.  Open and save - QSM Cover and QSM Application.

Online Outlook Professional Development

2001 LACUE Conference
November 29, 30 and December 1, 2001at the Alexandria Riverfront Conference Center

Introduction to Computer Applications

Classroom Web/FrontPage

View dates and Register.  Four sessions (November and December) are scheduled for Introduction to Computer Applications.  Three sessions and online assignments are scheduled for FrontPage.  Teachers will develop classroom Web using FrontPage.